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I Love You I'm Leaving

The stories in Vic Sizemore's collection I Love You I'm Leaving are as dark and unpredictable as unlit mountain roads at three in the morning. Sizemore presents an unlikely cast of musicians, middle managers and meth-heads struggling to survive in the broken landscapes of post-millennial West Virginia... With mordant humor and stoic compassion, Sizemore unveils an array of characters wrestling with a world of bad breaks and bleak justice.   --Craig Fishbane, On the Proper Role of Desire
“There was nowhere for the heavy things to go,” says the narrator in "Toxicity Report." But he’s wrong, because woe becomes art in these mesmerizing stories. Here are characters who need groceries, drugs, gas in their cars, diapers for their babies. They’ve got trouble, and it’s more complicated than you think. Sure, it’s Godforsaken country; sure, they bring it on themselves. But Vic Sizemore takes you where these folks live. Down and out is a place he knows, and he’ll hold you in its thrall. For fans of Daniel Woodrell.   --Sandra Scofield, The Last Draft; Swim: Stories of the Sixties 

"With brilliant insight and emotional daring, Sizemore delivers a collection of stories that sparkle with humanity. His attention to cadence and rhythm makes this an unstoppable read."   --Meg Tuite, Meet My Haze
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About the Author

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Vic Sizemore is the author of Watching My Religion Die, a collection of essays. His fiction and nonfiction appear in Story Quarterly, North American Review, Southern Humanities Review, storySouth, Blue Mesa Review, Sou’wester, [PANK] Magazine, Reed Magazine and elsewhere. His fiction has won the New Millennium Writings Award and has been nominated for Best American Nonrequired Reading, Best of the Net, and several Pushcart Prizes.






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 “Ask, Seek, Knock,” novel excerpt, Portland Review, issue 56, volume 2, winter 2009


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